Why You Need A Great HVAC Expert

The weather is pretty hot these days, and you are considering buying another conditioner, right? Maybe your current A/C is no longer giving you what you need. Well, if you have a central air conditioning system, it is probably time to upgrade or address the problems with the current system.


Here’s how to tell:


Your current fan may be ineffective.

If the current air conditioner is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it with a newer model. The reason is that older A/Cs usually mean higher energy bills for you. The newer models are more energy-efficient, so you should think about this.


If your air conditioning system needs frequent repairs, it can be  a bad sign. It may already be on its last legs or may not be suited to your home. The right move is to get your HVAC expert to take a good look at the system to get the right solution.


If your cooling bills continue to rise, it can only mean one thing. Your system may be working inefficiently. Investing in a new air conditioner is a smart move because some of the cost you incur in buying the new A/C can be offset by the lower energy bills.


If some of the rooms in your house are too hot or too cold, it probably means your HVAC system may be malfunctioning. It is also possible that your HVAC system is not functioning properly. Another thing you should investigate is inadequate insulation or problems with your ducts.


If there are problems with humidity, the most likely culprit is defective air conditioning equipment. It could also be a result of leaky ductwork. In this case, you should call in an expert to take a look at your cooling system and solve the problem for you.


If you notice plenty of noise coming from your A/C, there may be a problem with the indoor coil. It is also possible that the duct system is too small. Your HVAC specialist will assess the situation and recommend the perfect solution.


In case you are faced with any of these scenarios, your local expert will assess the problem and give you a permanent solution.


A bigger system is not always better.

If you are considering buying an air conditioner, the most important thing is size. Many people have the impression that bigger is always better, but this is not true. If you buy an air conditioning system that is too big, it will not be effective at dehumidifying, and this means your room will always feel hot. In addition, oversized cooling units cycle off and on more than they should. This means they break down more often and cost more money to maintain. They also tend to wear out much faster, and this is not what you need.


On the other hand, if your cooling system is too small, it will not cool your house properly. In fact, if the air conditioner is too small, it will use excess electricity, run loudly, and may even freeze over on warm days when you need it most.


Get a professional to assess your system requirements.

A professional is trained to investigate, troubleshoot, discover problems and come up with the right solutions. Actually, there are many factors to consider at this stage, and this is why you need to sound out more than one expert before settling for the one that ticks all the right boxes. Things like the position of your windows and the effect of trees on your home are factors that the installer should consider.  For those in need of work on their air conditioning, Galveston has numerous options for contractors to help you with whatever you need.


The first thing is to find out the proper size of the air conditioning unit your house needs. Once you have this, you can go ahead and compare prices, look at different models and even check out the energy efficiency of different products.


Go for SEER 13 or above

The abbreviation SEER simply stands for quality. The higher the SEER value, the more energy-efficient the system is. At the time of writing this article, the lowest SEER allowed by law is 13. However, after a while, even this will be off the market. It is best you buy an air conditioner with a rating of at least 14.5. This will give you both high performance and safety features. It is always better to buy current models because, with these newer models, you are practically guaranteed top quality and efficiency.


Energy Star means energy-efficient

To ensure you get the right product, you should buy one with the Energy Star label on it. Products with this label are guaranteed to save you money in the sense that less energy consumption means lower energy bills. Do not buy a cheap and inefficient A/C. Invest in the right air conditioner, and you will enjoy using it for many years.